Status: Interviewing , writing/editing chapters

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The book project has been on hiatus for a long period while I started a tech company.

For those that I have contacted or attempted to contact at the beginning of the project: Your stories will be available to review as I complete them. If you haven't been interviewed and would like to be included, please contact me, I would love to include as many as possible that met the original score criteria.

The placings have shifted some, however I am still going by my original list as what was unique and noteworthy then still is of course. I am working toward a Spring 2018 book release. There will be future editions as records are broken and those I attempted to include, catch up with the project. The more hunters that come on board that I originally sought to interview, the better.

Any record book gobblers bagged in NY during the 2016-2017 spring/fall seasons? or years prior? If your bird meets the following scoring criteria, I would love to talk to you about being included in the book!

Note: Non registered birds- measurable attributes  must be verified  for consideration.

Typical score greater than  75.000  (weight x1 + beard x 2 + L & R spur x 10)

Non-Typical score greater than  105.000  (weight x1 + beard(s) x 2 + L & R spur x 10)

Weight greater than 26.5 lbs. (verifiable certified weight)

Beard Length greater than 12" (verifiable length)

Spur Length greater than 1.625" (verifiable length)


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